Watch Lillian Create

Watch Lillian Gray create a portrait only using a palette knife and oil paint. See the painting unfold as a blank canvas truns into a striking image.

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South African artist Lillian Gray was asked to paint live in front of the camera two judges for Season 7 of One Day Leader. Ndumiso Hadebe and Gugulethu Mhlungu. One day leader is a Television series in which six young people showcase their leadership skills by tackling modern-day South African social, economic and political issues as a way of competing for the coveted title of One-Day Leader.

Lillian Gray was sponsored by PWC to create memorable artworks over the course of 2 days. These artworks comment on the 4th Industrial Revolution and how humans will integrate with Technology. This revolution will be known for blurring the lines between, physical, digital and biological spheres. Creating an exciting future, but also creating issues regarding privacy and safety for humans.