Get her to New York (and back)

… for the sake of her family, her friends, and most of all her art learners.

Our very own Lillian Gray, contemporary South African artist, has painted herself into an exhibition in The Big Apple!

To Lillian, this invitation to showcase her work in New York is the rainbow in South Africa’s cloud (thank you, Maya Angelou, for this beautiful quote). With all the politicking going on in our country at the moment, Lillian wants to show the world that South Africa and our art are alive and well.

Yes, we can paint, carve, or sculpt our way out of the toughest situations. In fact, we ordinary humans must pave our own path instead of wasting our energy on negativity, politicians, and bad news.

To get her to New York (and back), Lillian needs your help. She has to raise funds for flights, accommodation, art supplies, shipping, food, and yellow taxi rides!

How you can help

If you believe that the future of our youth and country lies in art and colour – we are after all the rainbow nation – help Lillian Gray to get to New York… and back.

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